In the Beginning

Marrying into a family printing business moved me from being a government employee to working with my husband and his parents. No small feat! Seeing the printing industry starting to change in 2006 challenged me to wondering if it was smart to have all our income coming from the family business. I thought if anyone I would have to go back into the workforce. I brushed the cobwebs off the resume and started going to interviews. Shocker! How could I possibly go from being my own boss to working for someone else. It just did not seem to fit. Coincidentally  my best friend Lucy who is a full time teacher had recently mentioned that she wanted to do something different to keep busy during the summer months. There is only so many spa days you should responsibly have in one summer!! The Garden Girls was started in my own garden. Lucy and I were working away at pulling weeds when a neighbour was out for a walk and said “how would you like to work in my garden?” To our surprise they were serious! We decided to get out of the office and into the dirt! 


The Gardeners

We are your Gardening Helpers. The Garden Girls are a group of talented ladies who love to Garden. Each Gardener brings their own individual insight and talent to our gardening team. We are entrepreneurs, moms, career professionals and retirees who love working together as a team to bring enjoyment back to your garden.

Exterior Arrangements

Greet your guests with a display of colour. Custom creations for every season. Stunning arrangements for hanging baskets, window boxes and planters at your home or business.

Garden Maintenance

We love to maintain your Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Burlington, Milton and Georgetown gardens. We love weeding, trimming shrubs, planting, splitting perennials,. We can provide regular maintenance, vacation maintenance, real estate open house clean ups, new home consultations! We can offer a schedule that can meet your lifestyle needs and your garden needs. The Garden Girls offer weekly, biweekly, monthly or seasonal garden maintenance based on your budget.

Design & Update

We love to design and create new and update tired garden spaces for our clients that fits their budget, home and lifestyle.