The Garden Girls are sensible, reliable, and honest workers in taking care of your garden.
 Weeding, trimming, planting, pruning, and edging gardens on a schedule that suits you and your budget.

Spring Cleanup

Prepare your garden for the season ahead. 
Clean up winter debris.
, Re-edging gardens.
 Pruning of shrubs when appropriate.


Regular  Summer Maintenance

Weeding, pruning, edging on an occasional, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally basis that suits you.


Fall Cleanup

Before winter comes we will help put your gardens to bed.
 Raking leaves.
 Removing dead material from annuals and perennials
. Pruning of shrubs when appropriate. Transplanting and dividing of existing perennials.

Garden Makeovers

Re-arranging of existing gardens to revitalize tired, unbalanced or unruly beds.