The Garden Girls are sensible, reliable, and honest gardeners in taking care of your garden.

Weeding, trimming, planting, pruning, and edging gardens on a schedule that suits you and your budget.  We pride our self on our work through Regular Maintenance, Garden Makeovers, Re-arranging of existing gardens to revitalize tired, unbalanced or unruly beds. Sometimes we just need to get you started.  Finding the place to start and getting your gardens and you to a Happy Place.

Regular Garden Maintenance

Many of us have busy lives, meaning that there is little time left to devote to garden maintenance so why not let The Garden Girls do it for you? We keep your garden just the way you want it at a price you can afford or to a budget you set!

Spring Garden Cleanup

Early spring can be the most exciting time of the year for avid gardens, except when we actually get to start gardening of course. It marks the end of winter and the transition into gardening season ahead. In order to get the yard and beds looking their best before the start of spring there are a few things that need to be done. We prepare your garden for the season ahead.

  • Prune back most perennials, thoroughly rake leaves & clip late summer and fall blooming shrubs
  • Check for plants that did not survive winter and need replacing
  • When soil is moist in the spring, cutting an edge on your garden is easier
  • Always edge before mulching to avoid getting trimmings on top of your mulch
  • Spring is an excellent time to top dress your garden with compost/manure
  • It’s great time to put out first application of mulch
  • Remove burlap wraps when weather permits
  • Spring’s an excellent time to divide perennial roots: The soil is moist, few leaves to damage, root systems are full of energy & they have the entire season to recover

Summer Garden Cleanup

Summer presents its own set of garden maintenance challenges. To make matters interesting, it may be hot, dry, wet, cool, cloudy or sunny. There may be insect or disease infestations, or not. Regardless of what this summer may throw your direction, having The Garden Girls keep up with these summer garden maintenance tasks will help you get the most out of your garden. Weeding, pruning, edging on an occasional, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally basis that suits you.


Removing spent flowers helps plants put more energy into flowering again. Annuals, and repeat flowering shrubs and perennials will offer more color, more often during the season if you deadhead.


As plants fill out in early summer, if you’ve kept them weeded up to that point, they should begin to shade out most of their weed competition. It’s okay to slow down, but don’t stop weeding. One weed left to go to seed can cause much more weeding in the future.

Remove Dead Plants

Whether they died of disease, insect damage or natural causes, dead plants shouldn’t remain in the garden. Not only are they unsightly, but they can harbor pests that may spread to other plants.


Mulch can make a huge difference in growing conditions: insulating soil from the heat, blocking weeds and helping to conserve moisture. Normally it is a good idea to keep a thick layer of mulch on landscape and garden plantings through summer.

Fall Garden Cleanup

Trimming Hedges and cutting grass (last seasonal cut)

Before winter comes we will help put your gardens to bed. Clearing out annuals.

Cutting down perennials. Raking up leaves (bagging or tarping for city pickup) Pruning of shrubs when appropriate. Transplanting and dividing of existing perennials.