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Garden Wedding

They got my back yard looking like paradise in one day. We were having my daughter’s engagement party outside and the yard was in shambles. The seven angels descended upon it and turned into an oasis.

Thank you for doing such a fantastic job Darla.The Garden Girls were Garden angels!!

…they are working their butts off! And it’s looking great


Mrs Byramjee Oakville, ON

Courtyard Makeover

We hired The Garden Girls to overhaul our back court yard area. We were more than happy with the results. The Gardens Girls were friendly, worked hard and they all seemed to love their jobs. We loved their T-Shirts and their baskets that they hauled away weeds, etc. with. The owner, Darla was amazing, she took the time to work with us, had lots of suggestions of which we took many but at the same time wasn’t pushing us one way or the other. Darla was prompt with her Garden Girls, arriving the day she said she would, worked the days she said they would and saved us money when it came to planting shrubs, etc. I would recommend her to anyone who needed some assistance in getting their gardens in shape. “


Lee Ann of Oakville, ON

Inherited Gardens

When we purchased our house, we inherited some pretty wild gardens. After meeting with Darla, we were pretty certain that the Garden Girls were the right people to get the gardens under control. The “girls” worked diligently as a team, and over the next four hours transformed the gardens from a small jungle into clearly defined spaces. The results were amazing. We can’t wait to do some ‘modifications’ to the gardens to make the gardens our own.


Joe & Val of Burlington, ON

Overgrown Spaces

The Garden girls did a tremendous job in clearing out some very over grown beds on my property, pruned back / removed out of control /dead shrubs and thoughtfully replanted the beds on an agreed budget. They were very thorough and hardworking, professional in practice, communication and knowledge, whilst also being friendly, flexible and helpful.


Dave of Mississauga, ON

Create Simple Balance

Darla and her team have been amazing to work with over the past 2 years. Last year my plans were modest, but this summer, we decided to tackle my front yard. I had some very particular design ideas of what I wanted, and the budget I wanted to work within. I could not have done it without Darla. Not only did she advise me wisely on the correct plants to use to get the look, but she also went the extra mile to locate the standard rose bushes I so badly wanted. She got just as excited as I did about the way it was all turning out. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled with the end result, and get lots of compliments. She installed everything with great care and precision. Her window boxes are also well crafted and very artistic. I look at them every day with delight as I come in the back door. I love knowing Darla and her team are taking care of my garden. Our next project is “tulips” and I can’t wait for her to plant my bulbs, let alone the mass of flowers I hope to see in the spring!


Alison, Oakville ON

Vacation Maintenance

Further to a review we provided a few years ago after experiencing the wonderful services of The Garden Girls for the first time, (and which we have used every year since), we are happy to update our glowing recommendation. This summer we availed ourselves of an additional service they provided. For a nominal fee, they checked our house every week while we were away for a few months. On our return we found everything in apple pie order: our indoor plant thriving, our plumbing fixtures clean, having been activated during the summer, and our sprinkler system having been turned off to prevent over-watering due to rain. As always, our lawn and flower beds were in great shape – even some new plants added to fill in a couple of bare spots. We certainly couldn’t have done as well ourselves. We continue to rave about The Garden Girls!


John & Sue, Oakville ON

Changing Gardeners?

This is the first year we have used The Garden Girls and we are thrilled with their work. We have a large property and I was worried they wouldn’t be able to keep up. They surpassed our expectations. We hope to use them for many years to come.


Heather, Oakville ON

Novice Gardeners?

My husband and I purchased a new home this summer. We are novices at gardening and wanted to hire the best team to help us! I found The Garden Girls on Homestars. They did an amazing job! They cleaned up our overgrown front and back yards. Everything looked lush and lovely when they were done. I would highly recommend Garden Girls and I am really looking forward to working with them again in the spring.
Thank you Darla and the Garden Girls!!


Elizabeth from Etobicoke


We were starting to have some concerns about our previous gardener that we had been using for several years, so I went on Homestars to search for other potential gardeners. The Garden Girls came up as a top rated provider, so we gave them a call. The Garden Girls has been extremely professional and responsive since our first contact and we have since hired them. The work that they completed in their first two visits was more than our previous gardener did all season. They are extremely knowledgable about all of our various trees, shrubs and other plants, and are hardworking and efficient. Based on our experience so far I would recommend the The Garden Girls to anyone.”

We have moved them from Unsatisfied to Satisfied! Mission Accomplished!

Jeremy & Betsy Oakville ON

Young Professionals

As busy young professionals living in downtown Toronto, we needed a backyard entertaining space and garden that was low maintenance and fun. We called Darla and she ushered us though a full backyard re-design, complete with hardscaping and all new plants that required minimal maintenance and care.

Darla really understood our vision from the beginning and worked with us to build out a dream garden that met all of our needs. The team worked quickly, were very friendly and even helped to teach us some gardening basics!

We look forward to having the team care for our garden over the years to come and taking on some exciting new projects together! In short, we would highly recommend the Garden Girls for all garden needs.


Carolyn Coles & Jake Devine

Regular Garden Maintenance

I would like to thank you so much for helping me with my gardens. I will always be grateful for the day I complained to my friend, Sharon , about all the work I needed to do in my garden. She promply told me about the Garden Girls and gave me your contact information. I was very thankful that you agreed to see me and discuss my gardening needs. I always enjoyed working in the front and back yards but I had no idea how much work was required with gardening. I was beginning to resent all the flowers, shrubs and grasses in the gardens because the work never seemed to end so I could sit back and enjoy them. The Garden Girls have given me back the love and enjoyment of my beautiful gardens. You have allowed me time to sit with my glass of wine and view the magnificent wonders of nature. As they say about the credit card, the time you have given me is “priceless”. I have received so many compliments on my gardens and do not hesitate to give The Garden Girls the credit they deserve. You helped me to start up my gardens in the spring. You helped me to maintain my gardens during the summer. You helped me to put my gardens to rest in the fall preparing for the winter season. Your knowledge and professionalism with landscaping is greatly appreciated. All the work you did was always done with picturesque results and no mess or fuss for me to worry about.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I hope you will continue to work with me and I look forward to seeing you again in the spring of 2015.

Susan Holmstrom

Wherever I’ve lived in my 80+ years, there has always been a garden to tend and enjoy.  Sadly, my health has deteriorated such that I can enjoy a but not tend.  My experiences with so-called gardeners to fill the void were most disappointing, hence I was overjoyed after being introduced to the Garden Girls who ‘know their stuff’ and are indeed gardeners.  This season has put the smile back on my face, especially when my daughter declared “Mom, it really looks like YOUR garden again!”  I heartily agree, thanks to those  cheerful, well-named “Garden Girls”!!!



I’ve used their service for I believe over 3 years now. Darla and the Garden Girls have always been highly responsive for short notice requests even with a full calendar. Their work is above reproach and they have a real regard for nature.

Nadine, Mississauga ON


Darla and her team did a wonderful job maintaining our garden and front and back yards. I am so thankful we found them!! I would recommend them to anyone who needs gardening services. They are terrific!

Elizabeth, Toronto ON

Lorne Park

We hired Garden Girls last summer (2014) to start re-doing our front yard and over a two year period it’s grown into something quite remarkable. Initially I thought that they were a bit expensive, but after seeing the results, I’m really happy.

Sanjay & Rishika, Mississauga, ON


My wife and I have been using the Garden Girls for a few years now.

We are very pleased. Darla and her crew are professional, courteous and pleasant to deal with. They are collaborative and sensitive to our needs.

We have taken their recommendations and are so satisfied with the results of the gardens in the front and back yards.

Thank You Darla and Crew! Look forward to next year with you

John & Stacey, Burlington, ON

Lorne Park Estates

I love that my gardens are so well cared for by The Garden Girls! They can plant bulbs, spring clean, fall clean, mulch, do lawns…
They care for my garden like it is their own! It is wonderful to come home to!!

Sharon, Mississauga, ON


The Garden Girls: timely, flexible, thorough, knowledgeable, fun! They’ve been looking after our gardens for a couple of years now. In addition to regular monthly maintenance during the growing season, they’ve laid mulch, wrapped cedars, and have advised on planting and pruning.

Doug, Toronto, ON


Darla and crew did in 1.5 hours what would have taken me all day at least. The gardens are cleared and ready for the winter. The team did a great job. Worth every penny. Looking forward to the Spring when they come back.

Pamela, Oakville, ON

The Kingsway

We have been using Garden Girls for a few years now and I really appreciate their consistently great work. The team of friendly gardeners maintain our garden monthly and really keep it looking great. We have also used them for a garden re-design in the backyard and they were able to keep the project well within budget by splitting some existing plants we already had. I would highly recommend the Garden Girls!

Karen, Etobicoke, ON


I’ve been working with “The Garden Girls” for a few years now. Usually three visits per season. In spring to start and clean things up in general, mid season for a bit of weeding and in the fall to put the garden to rest. These ladies are all hard working dedicated and a delight to work with. We look forward to having them each season. They arrive on time, and work within your budget – no surprises money wise at the end of a session. Looking forward to May/2016

Islay, Davis and Jamie, Mississauga, ON

Garden Maintenance And Vacation House Checks For The Season

Once again The Garden Girls have done a wonderful job getting our flower beds ready in the Spring, tending them all summer and putting them to bed for the winter. They also provided weekly house checks for the 3 months we were away. Through them we hired Turn ‘n Dirt to provide us with weekly mowing from May to November as well as laying new sod etc. after our driveway was re-done. We give both companies a 10 out of 10!

Susan, Oakville, ON


I have used the Garden Girls for the last 2 summers as extra help with maintenance and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The ladies do a wonderful job and they are reliable and good value. They will do as much or as little as you like and I feel that they take as much pride in the garden as I do. Thank you Darla and your team!

Donna, Oakville, ON


This was my third summer with the Garden Girls. With their help I have expanded my greenery and vegetable gardens. I had a good number of cucumbers, almost too many tomatoes to eat, beans and green peppers. They always seemed to know just when to come back to do the weeding. The before and after is inspiring. The girls are always friendly and knowledgeable. I look forward to another summer with the Garden Girls.

Louise, Etobicoke, ON


We have used the Garden Girls to look after our spring and fall cleanup for the last two years. Worth every penny!! They are thorough and fast and do exactly what you ask for. What their crew gets done in a half a day would take me a day of most weekends in April and May, time I don’t have. The ladies are a pleasure to deal with.

Jo, Mississauga, ON

Garden Bliss In Mississauga

I have been faced with health challenges that have taken away my ability to garden. Garden Girls came to my rescue and have given me back a garden that is a work of art. There work is done on time and to exactly your direction. They have also been a major asset in suggesting alternative solutions and things that will enhance the look and ease of maintenance of the garden. It is a joy to watch them work and they truly are a group that enjoys what they are doing and working with each other. 

Andy, Mississauga, ON

Glen Williams

After trying (and failing) to keep up with maintaining my garden over the summer, I contacted The Garden Girls. Darla contacted me and we set up an in-person meeting to go over what I needed done. This already was better than other companies who told me they didn’t need to meet with me to give me a quote. I was impressed with Darla’s knowledge and professionalism. I hired the team to do some major clean-up of my backyard, including pulling out weeds from our patio stones. I was very happy with the results and I asked them to come back to do the front. I would definitely use them again.

PD Halton Hills, ON

Rearranged And Tidied Up Garden

Darla and team cleaned up, thinned out and gave my back yard garden a total make-over. Darla was extremely helpful in making suggestions of what to keep, what to move around and how to develop the garden further in the future. Garden looks completely refreshed, everything left neat and tidy, edging improved. Would recommend The Garden Girls without hesitation.

Laurie, Etobicoke ON

Lorne Park Estates

The girls are awesome. They work very hard, they know their plants and how to treat them. I plan of having them back in the spring. Our garden has never looked so good. Amazing.

Charlene, Mississauga, ON

Sprucing Up Of Front Yard And Backyard

Darla and her team are the best at what they do! I am so glad that we found them on HomeStars! All the accolades posted on HomeStars from their clients are true! They showed up on time and started tackling the work right away. I could tell that this was a team who work well together, enjoy what they do and care about doing an excellent job!

Darla and her team spruced up and made my somewhat “neglected” urban front yard and backyard look so beautiful! They removed all the old dead bushes, raked up the dried leaves, moved some overlooked shrubbery into better spots and WEEDED! Hallelujah! When I came home that night, I was so happy to see how gorgeous both the front yard and backyard looked! Boy, what an amazing difference! They look just like they did when they were first landscaped last year (minus the *ahem* dead shrubs I inadvertently killed from lack of water).

The Garden Girls will now be my go to team for my fall and spring clean-ups and for regular maintenance. Thank you so much, Darla!

Trinity Bellwoods Park Toronto ON


A friend and co worker was having some health issues and loves her garden. We got together at work and arranged for the Garden Girls to come and do a spring garden clean up. They did a fabulous job and our friend was thrilled!

Cathy Mississauga, ON


We have had Darla and her crew of girls help us in the garden for the last two years. I have always really enjoyed working in the garden but life has become busy and it was not enjoyable anymore. Darla has changed my life! She comes with the other girls once a week and they keep the garden in beautiful shape – better than I ever did. Darla and The Garden Girls are a pleasure to work with and they really seem to enjoy working together. Darla is highly organized and reliable and extremely creative in the garden. Thank you Darla for letting me enjoy our garden without having to work in it myself anymore. You have a great team.

Karen T Mississauga, ON