20 Clever Tips to Make Gardening Inexpensive

  1. 4-Potted_PlantsAdd Hydrogen Peroxide to Plant Water

    Contrary to what you might think, a little hydrogen peroxide is great for plant food, especially for inside plants. Include 1 tsp. of hydrogen peroxide per 1 liter of water to help prevent fungal diseases in your plants.

  2. Consider Growing Seasons

    The longer it takes your plants to grow and mature before harvest means the more time and money you have to invest in upkeep. To cut a little of both, look into the growing season of your plants. Regular “Main Season” cabbages, for example, can take up to 110 days to fully develop, while the hybrid cabbage plant called the “Alcosa” only takes about 65 days until harvest.

  3. Water with Old Coffee and Tea

    That old coffee and tea lingering at the bottom of your mug? Don’t dump it down the drain – dump it on your plants, instead! The rich amounts of nitrogen in these caffeinated beverages and the low amount of phosphorous are great to put on plants every month or so. Switch to organic coffee if you’re worried about any chemicals infiltrating your plants.

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