Are You Using Massage to be a Better Gardener?

Nobody likes a nag but as a Massage Therapist I bug clients on this one topic:


Stretching preps the body for physical activity. It improves muscle and joint flexibility, increases blood flow through the muscles, prevents injury, improves posture by lengthening tight muscles and optimizes physical performance.

I truly care for people and want to see my clients feeling great and prospering but I also know that this one simple tip will move you from feeling blah to brilliant.

I, too, am an avid gardener and oftentimes we are bending our backs the wrong way, crunching our necks and lugging heavy loads. Using massage therapy as a tool to loosen tight muscles and removing kinks can be a gardeners joy but what about having a therapy where your therapist stretches YOU?

“What is this therapy” you may ask?

It’s called Thai Yoga Massage!


This form of massage incorporates deep yoga-style stretching, pressure points and hands on massage to the whole body.

It’s performed on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed, and typically without the use of oil. It stretches your body in ways you thought were not possible yet has very deeply relaxing effects.

How can you say no to that?

I have been doing massage for more than 20 years, treated 12,000 ++ clients and 13 years of that I have been offering Thai Massage. My clients appreciate how loose and relaxed they feel afterwards. In fact, clients who have Thai massage after years of having regular swedish massage rarely go back!

Want to know more?

Call or email me to see how Thai Massage will be an excellent addition to your gardening and health regime!


As a healer and avid gardener, Ayanna’s 20+ years of hands-on massage has left her clients feeling refreshed, mobile and vital.  She spends half of her time at her Oakville location and the other half at client’s homes and corporate location.

You may reach her at 905.334.0860,,

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