Bruce The Spruce

A transplanting success storey!

Bruce The Spruce

Eleven years ago in 2007 a close family friend moved into their first home. Cute little townhouse in WestOak Trails of Oakville. Planted right in the front at the corner of the driveway and the front walkway was a sad little Spruce. He was the saddest Charlie Brown tree ever. He had only a few branches growing north and south and was crooked.

Dina named him (of course) Bruce The Spruce. When they decided on revamping the front garden she knew this was not the right space for Bruce! He would eventually grow to fifteen feet wide and they barely had that much room in the whole front yard. Dina asked us if we could save and move Bruce. Most homeowners and landscapers would have seen how ugly he was and just chopped him up and threw put him out for yard waste pickup.  Of course we thought at least we could try.

Firstly, we had to have a plan as to where we could put Bruce so he had the chance to grow full size. When moving day came we prepared his new hole first in a secret location. This way he wasn’t waiting too long out in the sun. Then we went to get him. He was about 4 feet tall and we needed to dig wide and carefully so as not to cut too many roots. We transported him to his  secret location. Shhh our three tree island was becoming 4 tree island.  Bruce was fertilized only when he was transplanted and watered him through of course the hottest driest summer ever! Bruce has now been in our island for 11 Years. He has had to live with what Mother nature supplies him for the last ten years, and even with snow piled nearby by the plow he has only broken one branch and it is amazing to see this little tree grew up. Recently we used him to make some bird seed decorations for the birds. Check out the video on The Garden Girls You Tube Channel. The recipe which will follow below. Although I think a neighbourhood black squirrel stole and ate all the decorations before the birds found them.  The squirrel looked so happy running away like he found gold so how could you get mad! Bruce The Spruce is looking healthy and strong.

Bird Seed Decorations

Makes About 26

Bird Seed Decorations
Bird Seed Tree Decor

Kitchen Tools

Muffin Pans

Large Mixing Bowl

Spoon, Spatula

Measuring Cup

Table Spoon



Pam or Cooking Spray or Oil

2 Packets Gelatin

1 Cup Boiling Water

6 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup

1 ½ Cups All Purpose Flour

8 Cups Wild Birdseed


Cut twine to 6” – 8” pieces. First spray or rub your muffin tins with oil. In mixing bowl place gelatin and pour in hot water. Mix until dissolved. Add corn syrup and stir. Add Flour and stir until it resembles a thick glue paste. Stir in Birdseed 2 cups at a time. Spoon about 1 inch of mix in each muffin tin. Press in both ends of twine in lightly. Top with another inch of birdseed mix. Press firmly to form in the pan. Let sit till dry several hours or overnight. Hang on favourite tree.

Bruce The Spruce Decorated


Now sit back and watch for the birds and squirrels!


Darla & Lucy

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