Fall Cleanup Tips


Garden Girl Fall Cleanup Tips

Get a jump start on your Spring Cleanup. Let’s be honest take some time now to get ready for Spring.  You will be happy in May when the gardens need half the work!

  1. Dispose of summer annuals.
  2. Rake fallen leaves.
  3. Cut back perennials such as Hosta, Peonies, Astilbes, Daylillies, Annabelle Hydrangeas.
  4. Deadhead your perennials and shake their seeds back into your garden, such as Black Eyed Susan’s, Cosmos, Coneflowers.
  5. Cover water features to collect leaves or empty and tarp
  6. Empty and turn over bird baths.
  7. Pull any visible weeds.
  8. Edge gardens.
  9. Mulch empty spaces.
  10. Hill Roses.
  11. Plant bulbs as late as possible.
  12. Split, Plant. Transplant any hardy perennials.
  13. Call The Garden Girls to HELP!

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