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Using fresh ingredients is always best, especially those you’ve proudly cultivated yourself. Creating your own DIY herb gardens is a great way to liven up your cooking, impress friends and family, and keep your recipes unique and healthy.

Herbs are not only perfect for cooking but also as deodorizers, insect repellants, natural antibiotics and even pollinators for bees. They contain plenty of health properties and vitamins. I personally think Basil is the most popular herb grown and used. There are lots of different varieties and flavours available, and it can be used in lots of different recipes.” Mint is the easiest to grow, she adds, as it’s hardy and vigorous (and garnishes a great Mojito). Always grow mint in a pot and never in the garden or it will take over! Sage is great in the garden. It overwinters well and is always available to use.

If nothing else, cultivating a personal herb garden will do wonders for your experimentation in the culinary arts. Herbs are meant to be used! The more often you use them, the healthier the plants will be and the longer they’ll last.

Other tried-and-true tips include transplanting outdoors at least two weeks after the danger of frost has passed, and ensuring the removal of flower stalks from the mature growth when they appear. But, leaving some flower stalks on herbs like basil blossoms will attract bees and butterflies.

Start growing your own herbs for your family this year in your own personal patio, planter or garden. Seeds available on SHOP THE SHED site


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