Guide to Spring Gardening – how to prepare the soil for spring planting?

Finally, winter is one foot out of the door and springtime is right around the corner. Of course, we all enjoy Christmas time and the snow, but at some point, you start craving the sun and spending time outside. Nice weather means that it is time to embrace your favorite outside hobbies. So, naturally, it is time for spring gardening! However, before you start, there are a few things that you must do to prepare if you want to have a successful gardening season.

How to prep your soil and garden for spring gardening?

Choosing the right plants is important if you want to have a showstopper garden. However, your choices will not matter without the needed preparations for soil and other gardening essentials. So, if you love the outdoors and gardening is your passion, here is what you need to do if you want to have a gorgeous garden.

Soil preparation is of the most important things that you must do when getting ready for a new gardening season.  

Take care of your tools

There will not be successful spring gardening without the needed tools. Soil preparation is one of the key factors in gardening, and of course, this cannot be done without gardening tools. If you are lacking in this department, it might be the perfect time to add on to what you already have. Search online for gardening sales and put your shopping hat on. In the meantime, you must sharpen your blades, treat everything with oil to prevent corrosion and everything else that needs to be done. This is what we call spring gardening cleaning. Once the time comes to actually start working on your garden, everything will go smoother with the right tools.

Don’t forget to restock your gardening supplies

Do you have enough fertilizer? How about soil amendments? Use this pre-spring time to your advantage and get everything that you need to be restocked. While movers such as those at can certainly make your relocation easier, many people decide not to take their gardening supplies with them, as they can easily restock them. Thus, you might need to have a serious spring gardening shopping session.

Get rid of mulch, weeds, and debris

We have already mentioned how important soil preparation is for gardening. Thus, you mustn’t skip this important step. Before you do any gardening, you want to have bare soil to work with. All this organic stuff will be a great addition to your compost. However, if it’s not part of compost, you don’t want it near your plants when gardening. Also, keep a special eye on weeds. The last thing you want is weeds germinating your entire garden and all your plants. Weeds are very competitive, and they will not let your plants flourish if they are around. Therefore, make sure there are no weeds in sight.

It is the perfect time to prune

Many breeds of bushes and trees can use a good pruning before spring gardening officially starts. You want your plants to invest their energy into the new parts that they will grow, like their new buds. That is why you are trimming them and giving them a fresh start. Still, don’t think that you are Edward Scissorhands. Before you dive into pruning, make sure you are certain which plants truly need it. For instance, woody ornamentals can always use a nice prune even before spring gardening starts. Sterilize your prunes before you prune every single plant. In the end, there is such a thing as smart pruning. Therefore, if you are rookie in spring gardening, do extensive research before you dive into this gardening chore.

Roses are one of those plants that need a good pruning just after the last winter frost ends.  

Soil preparation is the key to successful gardening

When will you start soil preparation largely depends on the outside temperature. While the soil is hard and frozen, not much can be done. Only when the temperature is nice and warm can you start preparing your favorite flower beds. So, once the soil has loosened up, you can start working through it. If you add compost, make sure it is well blended. You want the soil and the compost to make together one nice and smooth homogeneous gardening base.

If you want to take your gardening to the next level, use a pH test. This way you will know the nutritive levels of your soil and you will be aware of what might need to be added to it. Your soil is like your body. It needs just the right amount of nutrients to thrive.

Do you have enough space for all your plants?

The more you garden, the more in love will you be with plants. Every year you will be tempted to add some new exotic plant to your gardening collection that you can brag about to your next-door neighbors. But, before you make your purchase, make sure you have enough space. Even if there is the slightest indication that space is tight, it is time to buy now flower beds or pots. You can show off your new additions without neglecting your old beloved plants.

There is space for early planting

You can do some planting before the gardening season officially starts. Some plants can be planted inside and when the time comes, you can transfer them to your garden. For example, many yummy veggies that we enjoy during the spring and summertime can be planted inside, before spring even hits. Do your research. You will be surprised by how many options you have for pre-season planting. Early planting is the best advice that a beginner in veggie gardening can get.

Many veggies can be planted indoors before spring gardening even starts. Later on, you can just transfer them into your garden. Alt-text: chopped up veggies in small bowls, prepared for salad making.

Preparations for spring gardening are cannot be avoided by any serious gardeners. Without them, it is not very likely that your garden will flourish. However, while preparations are important, so is maintenance. You must care for all of your plants if you want them to thrive. Remember, plants are alive, and they feel your love and care. The more you pay attention to them, the more beautiful they will be.

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