Happy Spring & Happy Easter!

Hope this message finds you and your family well. We understand that this is an uncertain time. Mother Nature continues on with a nice slow Spring.

The Government has amended the Essential Workplaces List to be more restrictive.

We want you to know this statement was composed after lengthy debate. It was not developed lightly. The COVID crisis is serious business fraught with emotion, fear, despair, anxiety and even anger. Lives, businesses, jobs, reputations and economies are  all at risk. Here is the rationale for our position.

  • Virus numbers continue to rise exponentially and so are the deaths.
  • We want to show solidarity with frontline health workers who put their lives at risk. They are asking everyone to curtail activities.
  • Landscape Ontario received many calls from members, employees of members, family of employees and the general public asking us to be clearer in their messaging
  • The Premier announced alarming and startling projection numbers.  It is necessary for everyone to take action.  Otherwise we are facing thousands of deaths.
  • Our profession will be under public scrutiny because we are so visible. (Especially in spring)
  • We have seen the negative feedback from the public and other members about our industry’s regular work activities being essential during a health crisis.
  • We cannot get government clarity with respect to our essential status.  All we get is conflicting and confusing perspectives. Without clear and concise legal clarity we cannot assume the risk.
  • We want to protect our gardeners from serious potential fines

We must provide a workplace that is safe for everyone. We can distance ourselves in the garden, we have all our own tools, however as we work in teams and training is involved with all the new team members and public washrooms are needed on a daily basis. This involves risk of exposure.  This risk extends to our gardeners, you the client and the public.  We are not heading out to the garden yet until the government updates the provincial State of Emergency and we are permitted to start working with specific health & safety protocols in place. We will update after April 13.

We will get through this together.  Many lives can be saved through our collective and unified action over the next few weeks until after Easter.  The sooner we act in a common effort to control this pandemic, the sooner it will end. And it will end.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!

Darla & The Garden Girls

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