Do The Garden Girls do lawn maintenance?

Often our customers ask us if The Garden Girls do lawn maintenance. We did way back in the beginning but we found you cannot do lawns and gardens at the same time. Our approach has always been gardens need more time and attention not a quick 10 minute tidy! Are you looking for a great lawn maintenance company this year?


We are proud to introduce Turf N Dirt  a great lawn service for Oakville, Mississauga and Etobicoke.

Brayden and Turf n Dirt have been doing all our lawns, top dressing, soil applications, mulch applications and stone applications for the past 8 years. Turf N Dirt offers professional Grass Cutting and Dirt & Mulch services that will exceed your expectations. We service Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke. Our professional staff will come to your property on a weekly basis for lawn services and on a set date for dirt & mulch services. We offer a detailed grass cutting solution that includes cutting, trimming and blowing. The Turf n Dirt team are dedicated to our customers satisfaction with our new and regularly maintained equipment. Please share the love and his new website done by

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