Having become dissatisfied with their present gardener. This young family felt there must be more. They found us on Homestars.com and gave us a call. It was a time for fall cleanup so all we could do was put the gardens to bed. Two visits later and we had the beds clean and reshaped ready for the winter sleep. These are their comments,

“we were starting to have some concerns about our previous gardener that we had been using for several years, so I went on Homestars to search for other potential gardeners. Garden Girls came up as a top rated provider, so we gave them a call. Garden Girls has been extremely professional and responsive since our first contact and we have since hired them. The work that they completed in their first two visits was more than our previous gardener did all season. They are extremely knowledgable about all of our various trees, shrubs and other plants, and are hardworking and efficient. Based on our experience so far I would recommend the Garden Girls to anyone.”

We have moved them from Unsatisfied to Satisfied! Mission Accomplished