The Beginning of The Garden Girls

The Garden Girls

The Garden Girls-2Marrying into a family printing business moved me from being a government employee to working with my husband and his parents. No small feat! Seeing the printing industry starting to change in 2006 challenged me to wondering if it was smart to have all our income coming from the family business. I thought if anyone I would have to go back into the workforce. I brushed the cobwebs off the resume and started going to interviews. Shocker! How could I possibly go from being my own boss to working for someone else. It just did not seem to fit. Coincidentaly my best friend Lucy who is a full time teacher had recently mentioned that she wanted to do something different to keep busy during the summer months. There is only so many spa days you should responsibly have in one summer!! The Garden Girls was started in my own garden. Lucy and I were working away at pulling weeds when a neighbour was out for a walk and said “how would you like to work in my garden?” To our surprise they were serious! I decided to get out of the office and into the dirt!  As The Garden Girls heads into our 8th year with 12 Ladies working together to bring calm and happiness to gardens all over the GTA.

The Garden Girls is made of a group of ladies from the age of 20 to 70. We service homes from mid Toronto all the way to the west end in Burlington . We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail, listening to the homeowners requests and visions and making sure that when you get from a long day’s work you can sit back with a drink and enjoy your beautiful gardens.

Although gardening can very hard work, it’s also relaxing, peaceful and really lets your mind rest and wander to wonderful places. We enjoy watching gardens grow from season to season and helping homeowners transform their gardens into their peaceful spaces.  The Garden Girls provide a variety of services such as Maintaining Gardens, Revitalizing Tired Gardens and Creating New Gardens. We also love working with new home owners to educate them on what they have inherited in their new garden.

Finding a balance can be tricky between helping out with our family’s printing and mailing business of 38 years, being a mom and running The Garden Girls. I am so proud it has inspired our son to open his own company Turf N Dirt and help out with all the heavy stuff in our garden projects. If there is one thing I have learned about gardening and working with Mother Nature is learning to go with the flow! I always carve out time to have dinners with family and friends, travel to new places, get to yoga and of course sit on my porch and take in my own garden.

I’m so glad that I took on this new adventure and am amazed how far we have grown thanks to our wonderful clients who spread the word about us. My advice to other female entrepreneurs is if you have a passion for something, expand on it, challenge yourself to share it with others. Remember to be patient, set goals, be organized and flexible.

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