TurfNDirt offers professional weekly grass cutting soil and mulch delivery and application service. We service Oakville Burlington Mississauga and Etobicoke.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn & Garden Maintenance

Do The Garden Girls cut lawns?
Do The Garden Girls offer delivery of soil, compost, mulch, river rock after the garden is clean?
Does your previous service do the lawn well but rarely does regular work in the garden?


The Solution;

We pair up with the boy side of the business TurfNDirt. TurfNDirt offers a weekly Professional Grass Cutting and Trimming Service.  We also offer Soil, Compost, and Mulch Delivery and Application services that will exceed your expectations. Brayden’s professional staff will come to your property on a weekly basis for lawn services and on a set date for dirt & mulch services. We offer a complete grass cutting solution that includes cutting, trimming and blowing. The TurfNDirt team are dedicated to our customers satisfaction with our new and regularly maintained equipment, there is simply no other choice other than TurfNDirt and The Garden Girls working together! True Superior Lawn & Garden Maintenance for your residential and commercial properties.