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Spring clean-up is an annual event. (Not February or March) In April the daytime temperatures are getting better but don’t forget the nighttime temperatures. Mid April is a wonderful time for gardeners to start preparing their outdoor spaces for the warmer months ahead. However, it’s important to approach spring garden cleanup with responsibility and consideration for the environment. We now know to resist the urge to clean up the garden until temperatures are consistently above 10°C or 50°F. Many butterflies, pollinators and other beneficial insects overwinter in the dead leaves and hollowed out stems of last year’s plants, and it is important not to disturb them too early in the season.

Here are some tips for a responsible approach to spring garden cleanup:

1. Allow for natural processes: Spring is a time of renewal, and many beneficial insects and animals rely on garden debris for shelter and food. Before removing dead plant material, consider if it can provide habitat for beneficial insects or act as a food source for birds and other wildlife. Leaving some debris can contribute to a more balanced ecosystem in your garden.

2. Wait for the right moment: It’s tempting to jump into garden cleanup as soon as the snow melts and the weather starts to warm up. However, it’s important to wait until the soil has dried out sufficiently. Working on wet soil can lead to compaction and damage the soil structure. Instead just cleanup garbage from winter winds.

3. Consider plant growth cycles: Different plants have different growth cycles, and some may benefit from a delayed cleanup. For example, some perennials, such as ornamental grasses, provide winter interest and shelter for beneficial insects. Wait until they have started to show signs of new growth before trimming them back.

4. Having a mild winter can get us excited that Spring is coming but instead get ready for the season with picking up garbage from winter winds and getting your tools Cleaned, repaired, or replaced them as needed. Sharpen and clean the lawn mower.

By following these responsible timing tips for spring garden cleanup, you can create a healthy and thriving garden while minimizing the impact on the environment. Remember, a little patience and consideration can go a long way in nurturing a sustainable garden.

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