Winter Planter Season – Subscription 2023

Soon the chill of winter will set in and it’s time to transform your front door spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands. The Garden Girls  are excited to commence our Winter Planter Season, where we bring together creativity, beauty, and seasonal charm to make your outdoor planters come alive with winter magic. With our expertise and attention to detail we will add a touch of elegance and warmth to your front door.

Winter planters are an excellent way to embrace the spirit of the season and spread joy. Adorned with Canadian wintery accents and winter greens.

A reminder of their Maintenance and Care. To ensure that your custom winter planters continue to flourish throughout the winter season once installed please keep moist until frozen. This helps the greenery stay fresher longer and once frozen stay in place.

Winter is a season that deserves to be celebrated with  our Custom Winter Planter Season 2023 at your front door. We look forward to your install in the coming weeks.

Darla & Lucy

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